• Nauener Platte Wind Park: Landscape with wind turbines on Nauener Platte

    Landscape with wind turbines on Nauener Platte Copyright:I, Botaurus stellaris CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Nauener Platte Wind Park

Nauener Platte is a raised area of glacial origin west of Berlin, between Potsdam, Brandenburg and Nauen. Various factors make the area especially suited for wind power, and the area has been officially designated as such. In recent years more than 150 wind turbines have been installed here, with towers up to 100 metres tall.

These incredibly large structures dominate the landscape day and night, supplying thousands of households and also to the industry with electricity. Continuous research and development improves the technology, to allow ever more clean electricity to be produced.

Windpark Ketzin with construction site photos (German)

Nauen Plateau on Wikipedia (German)


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