• Marzahn Substation: The substation at Landsberger Allee

    The substation at Landsberger Allee Copyright:Angela M. Arnold CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Marzahn Substation

The 380-kV cross-city line that runs largely underground through Berlin ends at Marzahn substation. This through connection under the densely-built urban area serves to safeguard Berlin’s electricity supply. Parts of the connection already existed before reunification, but most of it was created afterwards as underground cable. The objective of the new connection was to reconnect the East German grid to the West Berlin power supply.

The Marzahn substation was constructed in 2000 in the course of these measures, in the grounds of the Institute “Prüffeld für Hochleistungstechnik” (“test facility for high-performance technology”). Buried high voltage cable is a relatively new technology and therefore closely monitored. From here the power lines continue overground to Neuenhagen.

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