• ORWOhaus: The ORWOhaus in Lichtenberg

    The ORWOhaus in Lichtenberg Copyright:Angela M. Arnold, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


The name ORWOhaus recalls the industrial past of this seven-storey prefab block. Until 1989 ORWO produced photographic film for the Eastern Bloc. Today the building is best known as a rehearsal and performance venue for bands young and old.

From 1998 more and more bands moved into the empty building between the railway tracks and Landsberger Allee. Its location and cheap rents made it an ideal rehearsal location. In 2004 the users successfully resisted moves to close it because of constructional problems. They founded a non-profit association, renovated the building, and now are playing there again.

ORWOhaus website (German)

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