• Malzfabrik: The malthouse with its striking chimneys

    The malthouse with its striking chimneys Copyright:Friedrich Neukirchen

  • Malzfabrik: Bar in the Malzkabinett

    Bar in the Malzkabinett Copyright:Friedrich Neukirchen


The former malthouse of the Schultheiss Brewery lies in Schöneberg and is today known as the “Malzfabrik”. At the beginning of the 20th century this brewery was one of the largest in Germany, and expanding production meant it needed its own malthouse. Inside the building, which commenced operation in 1917, workers produced malt from barley. This first step in the brewing process was initially done by hand. Not until the 1950s were some of the steps electrified.

The plant ceased operation in 1996 and since 2005 has been converted into a creative quarter. The firms based there value the diversity of spaces in the industrial monument and the good facilities.

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