• Bank von der Heydt/ Kleisthaus: The former Bankhaus von der Heydt in Mauerstraße

    The former Bankhaus von der Heydt in Mauerstraße Copyright:Florian Rizek CC BY-SA 3.0

  • Bank von der Heydt/ Kleisthaus: Kleisthaus, around 1950

    Kleisthaus, around 1950 Copyright:Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S98822 / Richter / CC-BY-SA

Bank von der Heydt/ Kleisthaus

The neo-classical façade of the head offices built in 1912 for the Bank von der Heydt & Co. conceals a rich history. The bank’s founder Eduard von der Heydt had many wide-ranging contacts in industry and politics. In 1927 Thyssen rescued the bank from difficulties and renamed it August-Thyssen-Bank.

In 1936 the building was taken over by the Deutsche Landesbankzentrale (Central bank of german state & provincial banks Inc.), until 1943 when Joseph Goebbels’ Ministry of Information and Propaganda moved in. After the war the building served for a time as refugee accommodation. It was not renovated until 2001, in preparation for its present use by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Today the historical premises are open as a meeting centre for people with and without disabilities.

Around 1810 the famous author Heinrich von Kleist lived in a house on the site, which has since been demolished. That is the origin of the building’s name today, Kleisthaus.


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