• Backfabrik: Old and new buildings on Prenzlauer Allee

    Old and new buildings on Prenzlauer Allee Copyright:Fanny Röger

  • Backfabrik: Backfabrik courtyard

    Backfabrik courtyard Copyright:Fanny Röger


The Backfabrik in Saarbrücker Straße has experienced quite a transformation in its hundred-year history. Founded in 1911 by the Aschinger brothers, the bakery expanded continuously – as did its range of products. As well as bread, Aschinger AG produced ice cream, preserves, sausages and table water. During East German times the factory baked bread and rolls for the whole of East Berlin.

The building’s most unusual addition came in 1972, when the East German head of state Erich Honecker had an underground nuclear bunker added in the course of expansion work. Today the building has been converted into a creative quarter where ideas are developed and communicated.

Portrait in the student project sheets (German)

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